Join us for the 3rd Children’s Health Summit
Online May 2-9th!

Online Class

      READY TO TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE?! Registration for The Lotus Health Program is on now!   THIS IS A HEALTH PROGRAM LIKE NO OTHER! Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Battling chronic pain, diagnosed with diseases and conditions, and not ready to lie down and concede to identifying with

Stress Reduction

Stress. The root of all illness, heart-sickness, and psychological, spiritual, emotional, and mental malaise. They say stress is a killer; we hear that every day. The notion has almost become cliche, with no meaning attached to it, anymore. Or at least we have become apathetic to what that might mean for us. Stress kills. We


Women, Your Health Matters! Your health is worth every dime you spend on that massage you can’t afford and minute alone locked in the closet trying not to breathe so they don’t know you’re hiding there trying to meditate! We women are the backbones of the health of our families and our communities. And we

Children and Teens

A Healthy Start Now Click here to see how you can empower your children to be healthy, vibrant, and alive! Join the children’s health (r)evolution!  

You Set the Course For Your Health






Through nutrition, education, and lifestyle change involving all aspects of the self, Carla Atherton of the Lotus Health Project supports people in their health management who are confused as to what to do get well, stay well, stay strong, and make positive lasting change to better their own health and the health of their families. My mission is to help motivated people to move from a place of fear, uncertainty, burn-out, and sub-optimal health to a place of empowerment, autonomy, and vitality! For life, and for good!